An endangered species

Like many here in Penticton, we care for our wounded Earth and now despair about what can be done to preserve and protect our Skaha Lake Park.

I believe trees will be slashed. Frogs, ducks, fish, wildlife and yes, even our endangered beautiful painted turtle will be entombed in cement. I think they will loose their spawning grounds. Native bird species vanish with the trees while alien pests such as starlings swarm in. It is not easy to get to be serious protectors of the environment. Consider the challenges facing hostile political forces.

Service on our municipal council, despite what you may read, is so important because of the power of zoning — sometimes especially during times of rapid growth — municipal politicians might be concerned if a parcel of land is zoned environmental protected by the province of B.C.?

But wait, B.C. municipal councillors no longer require consultation with B.C. legislature to appeal zoning decisions. Zoning bylaws can be changed right with our own local council.

Why then is our beautiful Skaha Lake park now endangered? Is this bylaw protecting our parks changed at our own municipal level?

Penticton is rated second most entrepreneurial city in Canada. Why not?  One reasons is our competitive advantage, so they say:  Our lakeshore real estate goes to the lowest bidder.

Helen Trevors