Amazing walks at Skaha Park

Dear Editor:

Skaha Lake Park is a beautiful lakefront park along Skaha Lake. Its  large, wooded, grassy park land on the beach where sun and sand meet, is probably most representative of what Penticton is. It is also part of my morning walk.

I am not the most active person you’ll know, but the  beauty of the park makes my morning routine (I am only doing this to  stop my doctor from nagging) bearable, well, actually quite enjoyable.

Oh, the view, the fresh air and the friendly folks along the way, these are things that are good for the body as well as the soul.

And  now they are to destroy the most beautiful part of the park.

The City of Penticton signed a 29 year agreement, to lease part of  the waterfront park space at Skaha Park to build a water-slide,  despite heavy opposition of many thousands of residents and non-residents alike.

We are not against progress and developments. I would even be pleased if they would build a waterslide across the street from the park.

Parkland, especially at waterfront is non-negotiable for commercial  developments. That is why we don’t tear up the park and put a strip mall there, however much we want more shopping.

We are only fighting to preserve precious public parkland — for all to enjoy!

This Thanksgiving morning, I decided to take my camera with me on my walk so I can capture some images to remind us all what we are allowing  to be destroyed. I thought, maybe many people who are indifferent to the issue, and those who advocate giving up waterfront park land to build a  waterslide, don’t frequent or have never visited Skaha Lake Park. If  they won’t come to the park, we will bring the park to them. All  photographs were taken by the proposed destruction zone and can be found online (Save Skaha Park).

John C. Poon