All of council failed

I was an attendee at the Nov. 23 city council meeting but had to leave after three-and-a-half hours. Although my hand was up after the first 20 minutes and remained up for almost two hours, I was not given an opportunity to speak. So this will be my forum.

First, we were told the City paid the moderator $500. How much were the women holding the mics paid?

Second, Max Picton stated his preference for the waterslide, which is his right, but he then went on to say that he thought a compromise could be reached which would satisfy everyone. (And now it feels like I’m back in the classroom teaching civics.)

We live in a democracy. A democracy operates by acceding to the will of the majority not by satisfying everyone. As an elected politician it is Max Picton’s job to uphold that will — not his will or that of a small minority. If he is not prepared to do so, he should resign.

And, as Mr. Claude Bergman so aptly put it (Herald, Nov. 25) unless you “have been living on another planet for the past year” the will of the majority has been made abundantly clear many times and was underscored again at the meeting.

Third, in Mr. Mitch Moroziak’s presentation and Mr. Tom Dyas’ comments reference was made frequently to “full community consultation.” My questions would have been: how, specifically, will this consultation be carried out? And, in light of the rallies, petitions, emails and letters to the editor and your responses to those, why should we believe you now?

I think that Coun. Tarik Sayeed, unwittingly and ironically, summed up the problem in his interview with The Herald when he said that the only real quality that a politician needs is the ability to listen to his constituents. Sadly on that score all of council has failed. Trio is not the only group that is not trusted in this community.

Sharon Lindstrom