Agrees with David Prystay

Dear Editor:

It has been a few interesting months in the jewel of the Okanagan — Penticton.  With the brew ha ha about several issues, I felt the need to put pen to paper.

First off, everyone marvels at a rainbow — it means something different to everyone, young and old — what is the beef?

 Let’s get excited about something meaningful!

As for the waterslides, Andrew Jakubeit and council should be ashamed! I wonder why you even ask your residents what they think if you already know the answers? Mr. Prystay had a good solution in Wednesday’s Herald, put it on the Penticton Golf Course; I’m sure the city would benefit from the taxes that the Trio group would be paying rather than the $1 a year the golf course pays (or is that just a silly rumour?)

And the bridge  to nowhere (as I call it ) — what a wonderful sight to see —construction in Penticton. I really don’t know where it goes but I bet if you put the waterslides there they would come, and then maybe business would come, and the City would prosper and grow, and our

children and grandchildren could stay here, make a home and enjoy what this city has to offer.

People could sit in beautiful Skaha Lake Park and not have to worry about the trees, or the grass, or the traffic or the tourists or whatever!

Mary Ferrier