About Us

Protect Penticton Parks (previously Save Skaha Park)  is a registered society (registered on 16 Sept, 2015) made up entirely of volunteers.   The name of the society was changed at the 2017 AGM on Oct 24/17.

It is comprised of an Advisory Group and a group of dedicated volunteers.

The purposes of the society are to:

1)         Advocate for the protection and preservation of parklands that provide a nature experience to residents and visitors;

2)         Advocate for our civic leaders to provide stewardship of our public parklands as per the Community Charter, and safeguard them as unencumbered assets, freely accessible to all, for public use and enjoyment;

3)         Monitor City of Penticton policy and planning proposals for their impact on the size, quality and accessibility of Penticton parkland;

4)         We reserve the right to oppose commercial development in any Penticton park that is, in our opinion, not consistent with or ancillary to the assigned primary purpose, up to and including seeking remedy in court.

The purpose of the Advisory group is to set policy and direction for the effort to save Skaha Park from commercial development and is made up of the following members:

  • Karen Brownlee
  • Hannah Hyland
  • Georges Jansen
  • Joanie Koch-Kalanj
  • Marie Prior
The volunteers are the backbone of the organization and are the visible face of the group to the public and perform several different actions:
• Obtaining signatures on the petition for a referendum at many various events and locations.
• Fund raising for the Save Skaha Park Legal Fund through collecting money and selling t-shirts.
• Raising awareness of the group and its objective at many various events and locations.
Following is a list of just some of the volunteers who are devoting their time and skills to save Skaha Park as the beautiful natural space that it is.
  • Karin Aldridge
  • Margaret Munro
  • Belva Hill
  • Judith Bowes
  • Bruce Nodwell
  • Margarita Nodwell
  • Bea Dunkley
  • Dwayne Ring
  • Elaine Vonck
  • Bernie Strohmann
Here are some of our volunteers getting more signatures.