A strange way to do business

Dear Editor:

So much about the Trio fiasco has me

wondering about what’s really going on here.

The latest surprise appears in the Okanagan Saturday (Aug. 8) where it is

reported that the City has now signed the Trio lease agreement without actually seeing detailed drawings of the proposal or

financial commitments.

Quoting the Mayor: “(Trio) can now go to the bank and say, ‘Yes, we have a deal in place. Here’s our idea. Can you fund us?’”

This is a strange way to do business as the normal way would be for the developer to first find a banker who agrees to fund the project contingent on City approval.

But if it is true that Trio has not yet found a funder, I have to wonder who would want to chance investing in a project that has

generated such convincing rejection by a huge portion of the population who are determined to press on to save Skaha Park.

Message to bankers: Is this a risk you want to take?

Dr. Gerry Karr