A common sense director

Dear Editor:

Since Penticton City Council is seeking engagement from the general public, I would like to suggest the following: instead of the city hiring an engagement consultant, it would make more sense to hire a director of common sense.

In writing this letter, I was able to engage quite easily without an intermediary. I believe that the director of common sense would be the first such position for any city in Canada, if not the entire developed world, and would showcase Penticton as having a truly innovative leadership.

The mandate for the position of “director of common sense” would be to instill some common sense into the mayor, city council, and senior administration. It would, hopefully, be a temporary position, and the position would be terminated when this leadership group has gained enough common sense to function on their own.

The curriculum used by the director of common sense would include such basics as; rational thinking, basic common sense, contingency planning, risk/reward analysis, problem solving, decision analysis, basic democratic principles, human relations, etc.

The only problem that I foresee is that, with this group, it could take upward of two years to complete the assignment at which time I anticipate a whole new council group. Perhaps, if some are fast learners, their acquired skills can be put to use as members of the incoming council.

Claude Bergman