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On August 4th 2015, the City of Penticton signed a 29 year agreement, with an option for two 5 year extensions, to lease part of the waterfront parkspace at Skaha Park to the Trio Group for them to build a water park. There was no formal public consultation for residents to express their views on the commercial development of this park land.   Two rallies opposing the development were held with over 500 people attending each. Over 5,035 residents and over 3,100 non-residents have signed a petition calling for a referendum on the development.   Hundreds of letters in opposition have been written to the 2 local newspapers.  Despite this, Penticton Mayor and Council have unanimously decided to continue with the lease.

Save Skaha Park consists of a advisory group of 10 people and a volunteer group of over 30 people who together are dedicated to do what they can to prevent or overturn the long term leasing of a significant portion of Skaha Park for a commercial waterslide by any legal means available.

In early September, a law firm specializing in municipal law was hired to represent the many hundreds of people who have donated to a legal fund and the over 5,035 residents who have signed petitions.  A civil claim was served against the City of Penticton and Trio Marine Group Inc. on September 28th, 2015.

Please have a look through our website and view our goals, the many hundreds of letters local residents have submitted to the press along with all of the News articles that have been published.

We hope you will continue to visit the web site to keep updated on the fight to stop the commercialization of park land that belongs to the citizens of Penticton.  This commercialization is being done without their say and despite the huge opposition to it.

If you would like to get more involved, please visit our Get Involved page.