Dear Editor:

Something I have yet seen addressed in the mini-golf, waterslide controversy is the issue of fences around these sites.

In the Trio Marine artist’s rendition in The Herald (Aug. 17) there was no fence around the mini-golf or waterslide sites. As there will be a fee charged to use these sites, how will the public be kept out when they are not open?

The waterslide on Yorkton Avenue had a tall chain link fence around it as does the mini-golf site at Loco Landing. Are we to assume this will be the case in our lakeside park. How tall will these fences be? What will they be made of?

Mayor Andrew Jakubeit and all the council members need to answer these questions. They keep saying we are misinformed.

Well, inform us on this issue.

Give Penticton’s citizens a chance to vote on these huge changes to our Skaha Lake Park.

Kathy Larsson