90 per cent against plan

Dear editor:

Are you kidding me?

The yes side of the Skaha Park debacle gets about 100 people to their rally. The Herald front page photo shows mostly youngsters that, for all we know, are expecting Disneyland North to be built and actually believe it will be there longer than it will take to show it’s not profitable and plan two will kick in: condos or casino or both.

Since when does a count of one for-10 against carry a motion?

There are obvious reasons deals are negotiated behind closed doors, non-disclosure deals are signed and the man with the silly grin refuses to listen to 90 per cent of the population of this city. I’d say 90 per cent of the voters, but one look at the front page photo shows how many are voters.

A lot of us seniors spent time locked with chains to trees and equipment, sitting up in trees about to be chopped down and downright being annoying.

Think how that will play out on national news. Seniors jailed trying to protect park. People shaking their heads when they find out, in this day and age, money grubbers are actually going to be allowed to pave over a park and remove memorial trees so they can make money.

See you in court.

Jack Goode