9-year-old offers opinion

Dear Editor:

 My name is Shelby and I am 9 years old. Every summer I visit my grandparents in Penticton.

We always go to the beach and walk through the parks. I think it’s wrong that the mayor and his team are taking part of Skaha Park away from everybody.

I love waterslides, who doesn’t my age?  But why would you take away a park for that?  The waterslides should be put somewhere else. And it really bothers me that the families who thought to plant trees, or put tables and benches for their loved ones will have these removed. It is free for anyone to go to the beach and enjoy it.  But a waterslide you must pay, and not everyone can afford that.

How can the mayor who was chosen to be the mayor not listen to the people of Penticton?  When I grow up I want to be the prime minister of Canada and I will always listen to the people of Canada.

Shelby Caron

(visiting Penticton)