79 per cent opposition to waterslides

We would like to thank The Herald for the recently published poll done by Oraclepoll, an independent polling agency.

The poll shows an impressive 79 per cent opposed to the use of our precious park for a large commercial project. This vast majority that crosses all demographics, demonstrates how disconnected this council is from their citizens. The opposition is not just a few seniors as they seem to believe but rather a very significant portion of the entire population, including young people ages 18 – 34 (only 24 per cent approval).

In view of this majority it is clear that this ill-conceived project should not be looked upon as a divisive issue but rather a unifying issue since the citizens of Penticton are clearly and overwhelmingly opposed to this development. Indeed the only division seems to be between this council and the constituents it is supposed to represent.

Let us hope that this council comes to its senses and promptly puts an end to this inappropriate plan.

Bruce Nodwell

Margarita Nodwell