60s remain relevant today

Dear Editor:

This letter was originally written in June 2003 — the last time developers made a grab for Skaha Park. The only difference is that this year, in 2015, they have the support of our major and council. When will this ever end. When will it ever end?

June 2003

Dear Editor,

The songs of the Sixties were primarily songs of protests. Today, if you listen carefully they still have a message for us.

Joni Mitchell said it best, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

Don’t is always seem to be?

They pave paradise to put up a parking lot.

Another folk song questioned, “Where have all the flowers gone?”

We in Penticton can substitute the word park lands for flowers and sing:

Where have all the park lands gone?

Long time passing

Where have all the park lands gone

Long time ago?

Developers bought them one by one

When will we ever learn?

When will we ever learn?

Florence Cousens