500 letters to the editor about park

Dear Editor:

I remind Mayor Andrew Jakubeit and members of council that more than 500 letters from almost that many individuals have been published in The Herald over this past year regarding the lease agreement the mayor signed with Trio last summer.

You can read these letters on the website: www.saveskahapark.ca. They are really quite astonishing sentiments from mostly Penticton residents.

Council, please do not be afraid to read them, for if you do, you will understand the pulse of the people.

I can personally testify that I heard hundreds of people last summer, of all ages, backgrounds, residents and tourists with the same passion and message.

I have been re-reading and listening to each letter, and I could not resist sharing this one with you, as I think it addresses one of the concerns that you have had, doing “what is in the best interests of the community”.

Carl Keys, the class of 2010 valedictorian from Pen-Hi said it best. His letter, along with 500 others, can be viewed online.

Hannah Hyland