$30,000 is worth cost

Dear Editor:

I am requesting that City Council rescind the motion passed on June 29th regarding the Skaha Marina redevelopment.

It is abundantly clear to both those opposed to and in support of the waterslide component that City Council is in favour of the construction of water slides in the park. However they did not adequately consider the adverse reaction of the public to the use of park land for commercial use.

They owe it to the public to listen to their opinions before committing park land for this intensive commercial use. That obligation was not satisfied at the public hearing held on June 29th.

Please allow the citizens of Penticton comprehensive and meaningful input on the inclusion of water slides in Skaha Lake Park. Hold another public hearing or, better yet, hold a referendum.

The $30,000 cost would be a small price tag to determine the will of your taxpayers on this long term and important issue.

Andrew Jakubeit, as our mayor and a politician, has nothing to lose and the community has everything to gain.

Gary Denton