3,000 names and counting

Dear Editor:

Is there more to the Penticton Council making a deal with a private company to remove the childrens’ splash pool, play area and the removal of dedicated, memorial trees, in order to put in a water slide and parking, than we know?

If the numbers that have been quoted by writers of letters to the editor to The Herald are correct, it is understandable why so many Pentictonites are upset.

It has been indicated that 600 people signed the initial petition for the mayor, in favour of the waterslide.

It is also reported that 3,000-plus have signed a petition against a water slide in this location.  That seems to be at least three-to-one  against the waterslide.

With the council being so adamant about leasing an area, well used by all ages, in Skaha Lake Park to Trio, it appears there might be something else involved in the deal.

If the waterslide is only going to bring in a small portion of Trio’s total revenue from the marina project why don’t they leave it out?

How much will the waterslide cost to build and how much is their operating budget for the slide going to be?

If the Penticton Council proceeds with this deal with Trio we have heard that maybe an organized boycott of the restaurant could take place.

Lloyd & Mavis Creech