30 trees will be destroyed

Dear Editor:

I am so perplexed about the actions of our mayor and council, I don’t know where to start. I am so frustrated and from what I read from the other letters to the editors. I am not alone.

I went to look at the drawings at the Skaha Marina yesterday so I could remove any doubt in my mind in regards to where the proposed development will go, first.

Then my wife and I walked over to the green space that could be replaced by an expansion of the parking lot and waterslides.

In these two spaces alone we counted approximately 30 beautiful, healthy trees that would have to be destroyed to make room for this development.

At the base of most of these trees are memorial plaques, in memory of different persons, trees planted for certain Arbor Days, corporate sponsors and service clubs, some dated back several years.

I am sure I could hear Joni Mitchel singing in the background, “Paved paradise to put up a parking lot.”

Have these councillors become so cold and hard-hearted and hell bent on development that they would destroy this beautiful space and mock the memory of those who came before and had the vision to preserve this park.

Furthermore, if this venture fails, what will we do with the remnants of the waterslides? Will the City manage and run it?

I do believe in free enterprise and small business, but in the right location in this case.

Thank you for printing this.

George Bergquist