Some advice to save the park

Dear Editor:

Looking at the complex Skaha Park situation from afar, I would agree with Diane Varga’s suggestions in her recent letter (Herald, Nov. 24), that the group of Penticton in people opposing Trio’s intrusion into the economics of their fair city should perhaps get some legal advice to see if Trio actually did not default on its original obligations.

Secondly. I would suggest that the Save Skaha Park group and all the other people who oppose Trio’s proposals, put all their resources together, hire a legal expert, and sue:

1. Trio for using high pressure tactics on gullible and elected officials (who really don’t have the knowledge to handle tasks of this nature).

2. The mayor and council for entering into agreements without the consent of the electorate.

3. Staff members who helped negotiate the terms of the Trio agreement without having the wherewithal to agree to such proposals.

Such a lawsuit could easily be won and would likely kill all three birds with one stone. And, at the same time, would certainly reduce the number of letters to the editor on the topic.

Frank Martens