Think about benefits for kids

Dear Editor,

I want to draw another factor into the debate regarding the viability of the waterslides in Penticton. I am the PAC chair of one of our local elementary schools. Our school is one of the smallest schools within our district, might I add. Our PAC just paid over $1000 in bussing to send our students to the Osoyoos waterslides in June. There are over 3500 children within our district at an Elementary and Middle School level. Most of our schools, when they can afford it, bus their children out of town for a waterslides field trip in June. Think of the savings to our local PACs and schools if this was local. Think about 3500 children @ $9.00 per person.

I am assuming this would be an appropriate discounted rate as the Osoyoos slides have a posted child rate of $12-$18 depending on age. That is over $30,000 in revenue for the waterslides in the month of June alone. This would be prior to tourist season. This is shoulder season. This is not including schools outside of our district who would utilize our waterslides. Summerland, OK Falls, Kaleden would likely utilize this waterslides for their year end field trips. Our PAC would also prefer to save $1000 in bussing for our year end trip.

People have been pointing out how waterslides are for “privileged” kids and that some families will not be able to afford these new waterslides. Keep in mind that schools do not discriminate. All children will have an equal opportunity to enjoy these waterslides regardless of their parent’s income level.

 Just another perspective to consider.

Thank you

Tracy Van Raes